The Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP) is a Government initiative to help all owners of land in Jamaica obtain Certificates of Title for their land and to update the information on existing Land Titles.


What Is A Title?
A title gives a description of a parcel of land and states the name of the legal owner.

Why Should I get a Title?

  • A Title certifies to the world that you own your property.
  • Land carries a value and may be used as collateral or security for loans.
  • A Title allows you to better plan the best use of your land.

Only parishes or areas declared for LAMP can fully benefit from LAMP services


Why LAMP II Now?
LAMP II provides a central “one stop shop” in obtaining your title at a fraction of the cost. With LAMP II, all land surveys and legal matters are dealt with in one place. Certain government Taxes and fees, such as Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty and Registration fees will be waived, so it costs you less to register or update your title. LAMP II has also implemented a payment plan to make it still easier on your pocket or you can access financing through a financial institution.

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