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General FAQ

LAMP can apply to amend the tax roll (swear off) for you. Once this is obtained we can then continue the process of applying for the title. However it is best to speak with the office and have them advise you in your situation.

You may add as many people as you wish. However, please be aware that when adding names to a registered title you allow these persons an interest in the property. No business can be conducted with the title unless all parties agree.

The Registrar of Titles will block your title from being used in order to protect your child's interest. The title cannot be offered for surety until the child reaches 18 years of age.

Yes. You may add children to your registered title. You will need to bring in their birth certificate in addition to the required documents.

Bring the will to our offices. If it has been probated then carry the letter of probate. If it has not been probated LAMP will have it done for you. Bring all other required documents and the death certificate and we will begin your application.

LAMP will apply to the court for “letters of administration” to allow you to divide your husband's estate. You must bring in a death certificate (and your marriage certificate?) issued by the Registrar General's Department (RGD) along with the other required documents and LAMP will advise you further.

The history or root of title is a must in order to apply for your title. If you do not know this then, speak with the person who sold you the property or anyone in the community over 50 years old who has known the land and its' history over 30 years. Ask any 2 people in this category if they will sign a LAMP document to this effect and get their proper name, age, address and occupation (if retired then previous job) and take this information when applying.

Your registered title is a legal document and you will be unable to use it if your name is incorrectly spelt. Determine which of your documents have the correct spelling (the one on your birth certificate or deed pole) and amend the other.

This is necessary to proceed. Go to the tax office with your birth certificate (birth paper) and they will issue a TRN. PLEASE ENSURE THE NAME ON YOUR TRN IS CORRECTLY SPELT. You can apply for your birth certificate at the nearest Registrar General's Department if you do not have one.

If you have occupied the property for over 12 years, are paying the property tax and able to give us the 30 year history of the property, then LAMP will assist you with getting a title. You must also bring in your TRN and picture ID with your proper name.

Yes. As long as anybody is paying property tax and your parcel is included bring in a copy of the receipt. This includes if it is paid collectively. Just get a copy from the person who goes to the tax office and bring this in with your other documents.

Locate an old property tax receipt and take it to the tax office. They will give you the amount outstanding for the last 7 years maximum. When you have this amount, speak with our offices and we will advise you the best way to proceed.

Yes. You may begin the application but no documents can be prepared until the property taxes are made current and the receipt returned to a LAMP office. If your taxes are more than ___________ years in arrears, please make current before applying, to cut down on the possibility of your documents being misplaced, or speak with someone in our offices as to how you may access assistance.

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