The LAMP II/NHT/GEOLAND Land Titling Expo held in Black River, St. Elizabeth, heralded the start in a series of Expos scheduled to be held throughout St. Elizabeth. LAMP II was launched in July 2010 signalling a new era in registration of landowners in Jamaica. Operating under the Office of the Prime Minister and with Minister Robert Montague as Chairman, LAMP has undertaken the phenomenal task of titling all of St. Elizabeth within the next two years.


Geoland Title Limited, the major LAMP partner in this initiative has given practical, hands on assistance in bringing the creation of the "one stop shop" concept to landowners. The Black River Expo was the true explosion of the concept to the people. Present to assist the public were Government agencies such as the Registrar General's Department and the National Land Agency, with equipment in tow answering queries and accepting applications. NHT was also present with their new 3% Titling Loan option being offered through Geoland Title Limited, along with other financial partners Scotiabank, NCB, St. Elizabeth Cooperative Credit Union, the PC Bank and JN Small Business. No one was left out as the crowd was entertained with cultural items by the renowned Black River High School Choir and the great stylings of Noddy Virtue and George Nooks. The day saw over 400 people receiving assistance with applying for their title and getting financial advice in paying for it. It was really LANDOWNER TIME NOW...YUH HEARD!

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