LAMP II is a partnership with Geoland Title Limited and the Government of Jamaica currently for the parishes of St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Manchester where land surveys are provided as part of the LAMP services.

Property Survey – Under the LAMP II, Commissioned Land Surveyors  from Geoland Title Limited will carry out surveys for  properties in St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Clarendon so that you can be sure of the exact size and precise boundaries of your land as required for registration of the land. They will prepare a map of your property (called a survey plan or diagram). After the plan is approved by the Director of Surveys, you can proceed with applying for your Title. You may apply for your title immediately if you already have an approved survey plan.

Administration of Estates – When a landowner dies and leaves property in his name alone, before the beneficiaries or his family can legally own the land, they must administer his estate. If he left a Will, they will have to apply for a Grant of Probate. If no Will is left they will have to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration in the estate. Both applications are made to the Court and once the grant is received, the person getting the grant is legally authorized to distribute the share according to the Will or according to law. For an estate to be administered a will or death certificate must be submitted.
Updating Titles-Should you already have a Certificate of Title for your land, through inheritance or purchase that does not carry the name of the current owners, then LAMP will assist you in updating your Title by having the current owner(s) added to the Certificate of Title.

Formalizing Subdivisions – The LAMP II will apply to the respective Parish Councils to obtain subdivision approval for landowners who have sub divided a parcel of land into lots without approval from the Parish Council and have sold or given the lots to separate owners.
Registered Title Applications –  The LAMP II will apply to the Office of Titles, National Land Agency, to obtain a reigistered Title for the property.

Estate planning – This is one of the most important steps any person can take to make sure that their final wishes are honoured, and that loved ones are provided for in their absence. Your “estate” consists of all assets owned by you at the time of your death. Understanding the estate plan options that are right for you can be a complex undertaking. The experienced lawyers at the LAMP II will be able to assist you in handling these matters so that after becoming a secure landowner you  may pass this land to the next generation.
Overall - All the services offered by the LAMP II are carried out by qualified and experienced Commissioned Land Surveyors, Attorneys-At-Law and consultants, working with the National Land Agency, Parish Councils and other government departments to ensure that each landowner receives a Title for their property in the shortest time possible at the lowest cost.

How to Access our services:
Clients can apply immediately then  wait on the LAMP II Surveying Teams who will be conducting comprehensive land surveys of properties in various communities according to a schedule that will be published and available at our offices.  In keeping with this schedule our legal teams will also be at a location within your community to assist you in preparing your applications. Contact our offices or visit our website for details and updates.
Individuals with approved survey diagrams that are less than seven years do not require any additional surveying to apply for their Titles.

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